The impact of unresolved Grief in society

Unresolved grief is cumulative and cumulatively negative.

Unresolved grief is everywhere. Thousands of mental health professionals have found that although their clients come to them with some other presenting issue, almost all of them have unresolved grief as the underlying problem.

An incomplete past may doom the future. We find that many people alter their life choices after a series of unresolved losses. This is done to protect themselves from further heartbreak. Usually this just translates to living a guarded life and a reluctance to participate fully in relationships or new endeavours.

Grief is not clinical depression. A recent study of 8800 clients established that a large percentage of people diagnosed as depressed and placed on anti- depressant drugs are not clinically depressed. They are actually just experiencing unresolved grief due to prior losses in their lives.

Similar symptoms. Difficulty concentrating, roller coaster of emotions, sense of numbness, disrupted sleeping patterns, altered eating habits and massive loss of energy.

Short term energy relieving behaviors. Many people in our society use what we call STERBs or “Short term energy relieving behaviors” in an attempt to cover the feelings caused by unresolved grief. Some examples of these are alcohol, food, shopping, and exercise.