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The History of Margaret Lennon’s Grief Recovery and Life Coaching Business

My name is Margaret Lennon and I am a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and Life Coach. I am married to a wonderful and supportive man called Stuart and we live in Cyprus with Nero, our adorable & mischievous miniature schnauzer.

My approach to grief and emotional loss and ultimately life, transformed forever.

I had lost my father in 2012 and my mother 20 years prior and I was struggling with everyday life. A friend gave me a copy of the ‘Grief Recovery Handbook’. This book was the first thing that made sense to me after my parents’ death and reading it began to inspire hope.

By taking all the actions in the book with the support of a Grief Recovery Specialist®, my life changed completely and I now had the tools to allow me to continue to heal and live my life.

John James, founder of the Grief Recovery Method said something like, “I didn’t choose grief work, it chose me” and I feel the same way. Freed from my pain and all the obstacles, I became passionate about wanting to offer others the ‘gateway’ to releasing their potential and changing their life too, so I decided to become a Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist and www.margaretlennon.com was born!

“When my dad died, the first time I went to see my GP, he gave his condolences etc. and then showed me his thumb! There was a scar on it. He told me that 20 years earlier he had had a horrific injury playing rugby. I just sat and stared and thought what are you talking about (we hadn’t even had the funeral at this point)! He said that the wound had been open, angry, raw and incredibly painful. I just thought, you selfish idiot - you have no idea what you are saying! He then went on to say “20 years have passed. You can still see the scar, but it has healed. It is not painful, it is not raw - but I can always see it”.

I look back now and can see exactly what he was saying and he was so right. Never a day goes by that I don’t think about my mum or my dad, but the pain is not there like it was. That’s NOT because time truly is a healer, nor because I grieved alone, or replaced the loss etc. as people kept saying to me at the time, but because I took the correct steps to help my recovery”.

How the Grief Recovery Method helped me

The picture you see is of my father and I on my wedding day. He was born July 4th, 1920 and I'm grateful he lived 91 years. He died surrounded by his family in February 2012.

Losing my dad left me totally devastated. I couldn't believe that my life story was essentially about a daughter who lost her dad, but what that actually implied was huge! I'd never be the same or find happiness again, nor be fully engaged in life because you NEVER recover from the death of a parent. That’s what I’d always heard.

I spent hours trying to find that ‘thing’ that would help me with the agonising pain in my heart; pain so deep that it scared me, but I found nothing. I tried counselling and support groups but to no avail, something was still missing, so my only solution was to build a wall around me, even bigger than the one I’d built previously when my mother died, in order to protect me from unpleasant feelings. Most of the time it seemed to work fine and people even complimented me for coping so well and being so strong.

I had resumed my life; after all 20 years had passed since mum had died and now a year since dad had died too and on the outside all seemed well. The protective wall I’d built had served me quite well. I pushed forward in my marriage, my career in Learning and Development and running a home. I would often drink, smoke and eat too much, get into housework or cooking or shopping obsessively - distracting or entertaining myself in different ways. I was being ‘normal’. But something was still amiss... I was unable to feel real joy and deep down, I knew it was directly correlated to the pain and sadness. I wanted to enjoy life more and not just go through the motions and feel like I was just existing or coping.

I didn't have a lot of expectations going into the Grief Recovery Method, but I was hopeful after having read the book. I was fearful of the unknown and having to face sadness and pain again, but the process turned out to be nothing like I expected at all. I was able to begin releasing the pain, remembering the ups and downs and life we had together. I began to remember the joy and fun times I’d shared with my dad instead of only feeling the depth of pain in losing him. I was able to create completeness with the pain of the loss while holding onto the fond memories. I couldn't be more fulfilled by having experienced the process and see the shift within myself.

I didn't get closure, that's not what it’s about. I still don't like that l lost my dad, in fact, losing both my parents is still the worst thing that has ever happened to me. But the agonising pain is gone. The sadness comes and goes because I still miss them. I still want them here of course I do and I think I will always miss them, but I'm thankful I've been given the tools to deal with the bad things that happen and have happened, together with the other losses in my life and of course, the ones yet to come.

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Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist with The Grief Recovery Method UK 2018.

Life Coaching Diploma with Gateway Workshops Ltd 2018.